Episode 26 - Didn't we do this already? 

Hello boys and girls, it's the Motorcycle Men once again and again... the Episode redo is ready for your ears, so fire it up.

Hey, go to Road ID and get yourself noticed.  Get your personal Road ID so that people know who you are if they need to.  I where one when I ride and I suggest you do to.

Also go to Audible.com and get yourself a free audiobook download and a 30 day trial membership.

After explaining the big error on my part (I neglected to clear out the SD card and it filled up while we were recording the episode last week and stopped recording 20 minutes into our episode).... we moved onto talking about >Firstgear< and the great service they gave when they sent me a new suit for my damaged Thermo-Suit.  They also sent along some TPG gloves for us to check out and they are freaking awesome!!!  Love the Thermo suit and if you want to ride in cold weather like I currently do, you'll get one.

I fixed my squeak and now I am riding without my signature sound... I may have to come up with something else.

Check out our friends at Shore Fire Designs and tell Joe G that the Motorcycle Men sent you.  And of course Steve at TT Cycles and our friends at Bergen Harley Davidson.

When you are done listening to our nonsense, go over and listen to The Pace Podcast, Loud Pipes, Motoriffic, Chopper Prophets, The Wheelnerds and the Throttled Podcast.  All of these other podcasts are your link to motorcycle knowledge and information.

We talked about the new Sena Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Helmet, Bimota Motorcycles, Benelli Motorcycles, a new TV reality TV show about 4 riders who take off from Alaska to the tip of Argentina aboard 4 electric bikes and those crazy folks at Harley Davidson renting bikes in Cuba.

This week I reviewed "Jupiter's Travels" audiobook.  It was okay... I give it three stars...

Motorcycle Storage for that I-can't-ride-because-of-the-snow days.  Check with your local dealer on the cost and what you get with the storage service.  Prices generally range from $300 to $600 for 5 months.

Or you can get one of these:
The Bike Barn
Cycle Shell
Speedway Shelters
The Motorrad Garage
Shelter Logic
Suncast Tremont
Home Depot

Since I'm taking this long trip to Key West from New Jersey, I'll need tires.  We talked about Shinko and Dunlop Tires.  I kinda like the Shinko's because they are cheaper... but are they better??  What do you think?

That's it for now!!  Get out there and ride.... stay warm and be safe.

Ted K.
Motorcycle Men


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