Episode 30 - LIVE at The Harley Rendezvous Motorcycle Swap Meet and Car Show 

Hello and Happy New Year from the Motorcycle Men!!!

Rather than kick off the new year with a regular show, we decided to do it LIVE at the Harley Rendezvous Motorcycle Swap Meet and Car Show at the Garden State Convention Center.  What a great time it was!!  We were surrounded by people who were passionate about motorcycles and about Harley's and basically about riding.  It was really a fun time.  We made some great new friends that are sure to be with us for a long time.

First and foremost our good friend Joe G of Shore Fire Design stopped by to show of some of great new stuff that he is up to these days.  Fine work and if you are looking for some leather work for your bike, Joe G is the guy you need to talk to.  So visit his website and give him a shout, I'm sure there is something he can do for you.

Next we had our new friend, Huffy The Clown. Without question, a very colorful character and certainly a guy you want to have at your next event.  A very very funny guy with a LOT of very funny stories and pictures, that we probably shouldn't show you.  We'll see Huffy again at the next big event and hopefully we'll have some great stories to share.

On hand also was Ron Jones. Ron was performing solo acoustic at the event and he was kind enough to be on the show and sing a song for us.  Ron has been attending the Upstate New York Rendezvous for 23 years and this swap meet for 10 years.  Please consider Ron Jones the next time you need a great performer to play at your event.

Finally, The President of the Harley Rendezvous, Frank stopped by to tell us about the event, Swap Meet, but mostly to tell us about the big Harley Rendezvous Classic that takes place each year in upstate New York.  The event this year takes place on June 23-26 at the Inian Lookout Country Club in Pattersonville, NY.  
The Harley Rendezvous is an annual three day event, drawing bikers from all over the country, year after year. Their website is your invitation to meet their family. Get your tickets, T's and trinkets in our store, converse with other bikers in our forum, and visit them on Facebook. Check out their pictures and articles. And then check them out in person.

Some of the other vendors you may want to look at are USA Cycle... great stuff and they had a V-Rod Bagger, and you know I like that!  Also check out Sims Designs. We met with Jim Simeone and he will be a future guest on the show.  Fantastic art work... just amazing!!

Coming up on the Motorcycle Men in the weeks to come is the start of our new "50 States, 50 Roads" series where we will talk to you about the roads in your state.  So send us an email if you'd like to be on the Motorcycle Men to tell us about the riding in your area of the country.  Also, keep your ears open for some great interviews from outside out borders... Really exciting stuff happening at the Motorcycle Men camp.

Ride Safe and love your brothers,
Ted, Tim and Chris
Motorcycle Men


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