Episode 36 - Death of the squeak and other realities 

Hello once again boys and girls to yet another spine tingling episode of the Motorcycle Men... and this one is special.

What is so special about this episode?????  How about an interview with Christian Dutcher, the president of the Americade Motor Cycle Rally

We also talked at great length about Americade and our upcoming trip there in June and we also recounted our exploids from last years rally.  Some fun stuff.

We also talked about:
Ridding my bike of its fabled squeak and I swear to you it is really gone this time.
Audiobook review of:  Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers
Changing the Fluids of our bikes and what we use.
Cleaning ones motorcycle windshield and what not to use and what to use.
AND we also talked up our upcoming 2nd Annual Motorcycle Men High Point Group Ride.  

You can sign up for the ride, no charge, on this website on "The Rides" page.  This sign up is solely for the purpose of getting a head count for the ride so we may alert the Diner we are coming and also so that we may be prepared.  There is no charge for participating in the ride all you will have to pay for is your gas and your lunch.

We also said hello to our many friends out there, our fellow podcasters and other friends.

Be sure and listen to the entire podcast to the end then comes the interview with Christian Dutcher of Americade.

Ride safe boys and girls.

The Motorcycle Men


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