Episode 40 - Florida Keys, Sims Designs and my Woody 

Hello boys and girls and Happy May to you all!!

For your listening pleasure is Episode 40.  This one was packed with seemingly silly information but fun stuff regardless.

The highlight is the interview with Jim Simeone of Sims Designs, a custom paint company that will turn whatever appliance and motorcycle you have into a beautiful work of art that you can actually use!!  Imagine your bike with a wood grain look!!  Totally badass!!

Then we talked.....
Riding in the Florida Keys
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation Hand Signals
The Garmin 390LM and 395LM
Peppers of Key West
Keys Cycles in Marathon
Doing brake pads for our Harley's
Replacing the Exhaust Interconnect Gaskets
The 2nd Annual Motorcycle Men Group Ride
Sending my Woody around the world

So we covered a lot of ground and it was fun at the same time.

In two weeks we'll have Kevin from the Throttled Podcast to talk about riding in the great state of Alabama.

For now, that is it kids.  Ride Safe and be groovy.

Ted, your host

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