Episode 45 - Interview with Jen Hoyer from Harley Davidson 

Hello Boys and Girls of the motorcycle World!!

This was a very special episode as I had the opportunity to speak with Jen Hoyer, the Public Relations Manager with Harley Davidson.  We had the time to talk about the new Harley Davidson Roadster, The Livewire Project and the new Flat Track project.  We also talked about her ride, the Low Rider S and a little about Sturgis.  Jen was very very interesting and articulate, very insightful and a pleasure to interview.  If you are a Harley Davidson fan like I am, you will love this interview.

In other news, the Motorcycle Men will be testing and reviewing the TomTom Rider 400 as well as the TomTom Bandit Action Camera.

Tim and I were up at the Harley Rendezvous playing with our band Human Wheels.  What an event!!  If you want to see different.... this is the place you need to go to next year.

We'll be back in two weeks on July 12th for another episode and interview with Ed Baker from the Snell Foundation.

Ride safe Brothers and Sisters!!
Your Motorcycle Men Host

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