Episode 23 - Ice Cream, A rant, and a Cop 

Holy crap!  It's the cops!!  Well actually it was Tim's son Troy who brought us ice cream.  See, cops are great!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Motorcycle Men!  Another wonderful show checked off and now it's your turn to get edumuh-cated.  

We discussed Chris's shoulder and his bike, Tim's lack of riding but ability to put in carpet, the RETURN OF THE SQUEAKY and my new noises and damage. WTF?  We also talked about the new "Long Way......" Movie with Ewen Mcgreggor and Charley Boarman.  Apparently there will be a Mexico/Baja flick and a South America to Alaska adventure. We briefly talked about some new bikes in the making by Mercedes-AMG.

Check out the great deals at:
Revzilla and their great clothing lines.  Plaid Jacket?  Really?
Bike Bandit for those tires.  These guys love to put tires on sale.
JP Cycles on good deals on winter riding gear
Performance Bicycle for base layers for those chilly winter riding days.

Special thanks to Allissa at Road ID for sending us some shirts.  Be sure and go to Roadid.com and get your road identification so people know who you are.  That's www.RoadID.com

The bike spec shootout today was:
Moto Guzzi Stelvio
MV Augusta Brutale 1090 RR

We also brought up some rides that are coming, so visit WWW.LETS-RIDE.COM for links to rides where ever you may live.  Great website!!  Then there was the Biker Post discussion on the dipshit that cut-off a motorcycle rider and send him and his girlfriend to the ER. That turned in to a colorful Rant from Chris.  Thanks Bro!!

NEWS!!  Motorcycle Men will be doing a live broadcast of our show from the Harley Rendezvous at the Garden State Convention Center on January 10th (saturday).  It's a huge event that brings hundreds of bikes, cars and trucks to drool on.  We'll interview some of the vendors and give away some free crap.... If you're in the area, by all means, stop by.

That's it for now kids... Ride Safe, safe Ride
Motorcycle Men


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