Episode 24 - Winterizing, Bike sex, autonomous things and nails on a blackboard 

Hello boys and girls!!
Welcome to the latest episode of The Motorcycle Men, where you get the dumbest information about and around two wheels.

In this Episode, there were recall notices for Indian, so contact your local dealer to see if you are affected if you own an Indian Motorcycle.  There was a little report on the Yamaha OP2T 4-Wheel motorcycle. A new campaign by the United Nations that calls for ABS brakes in all motorcycles and Autonomous braking.  And then the slumping sales of Harley's and the impending influx of Japanese motorcycles to the USA.

We talked about some great sales at Revzilla, Bike Bandit, JP Cycles, Motorcycle Superstore and of course Road ID.  So be sure and check them out.  Oh, if you go to www.roadID.com and use the coupon code "Motorcycle" you'll get 10% off your order.

Go to www.audible.com/motorcyclemen and get your 30 day free trial and book download.  With over 180,000 titles to choose from, Audible is the place to go for cool motorcycle books.

The Bike Spec Shootout was all about bikes under $10,000.  And they were......
Harley Davidson Street 750
Ducati Scrambler Icon
Star Bolt

Also, go to Illumite.com and check out their High Visibility gear.  Really great stuff.

Motorcycle Men will be at the Harley Rendevous at the Garden State Convention Center in Somerset January 9th.  Stay connected to Motorcycle Men for more info as it comes.

Ya'll ride safe!!
Motorcycle Men

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