Episode 25 - Different types of Gas.... and Fuel, IMS and Turkey 

Hello my friends out there in Podcast blog-land, time for another wonderful episode of sorts of the Motorcycle Men.

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So this week, we discussed the hole I burned in my Firstgear Thermo suit.  Very bummed I am but wifey sewed it up.  We also talked fuel MPG and how your speed affects your mileage.  Check it out here >MPG<.  

While you're winterizing your bike, do this too...>Sta-bil<.  Your engine will thank you.

We talked about the Ducati Multistrada 1200 and 1200S recall over the faulty side-stand that can allow your bike to take a nap.  
Indian Releases its new Scout 60....  
Norman Readus of "The Walking Dead" to host a new Motorcycle show on AMC in 2016.
Some wacky Professor in Australia believes that all motorcycles should be equipped with alchohol interlocks, ABS, Autonomous Braking, Mobile-Eye obstacle recognition, riders should be lit up like Christmas Trees and restrictions should be placed on riders over 50.

Driving in Mallorca.... you gotta check this out!!!! As a cyclist, I sometimes ride and indoor trainer. While doing this, sometimes I ride to training videos on you tube. They are 60 minutes to 90 minutes long or longer and they all show wonderful roads to ride on.  In fact, there are tour companies that offer great vacation packages to this hidden gem for riding.  Take some time and watch this video >HD Training< and if you like, skip ahead to the 36:20 minute mark and watch motorcycles mix in with the cyclists.  Breathtaking.

Revzilla has its Black Friday Sale coming up and Bike Bandit, JP Cycles and The Motorcycle Superstore are having a bunch of holiday sales going as well.

Check out the helmet Chris is considering here >Helmet<

I'm listening to this audiobook now.... good listen too >Jupiters Travels<  Get it free here >FREE<

Our Bike Spec Shootout was a goody today.  Three sport bikes for under $5000.
KTM 390 Duke
Honda CBR300R
Yamaha YZF-R3

We're going to IMS!!!  That's the International Motorcycle Show in NYC on December 11,  12 & 13.  You might want to check this out too.

So next Thursday, Thanksgiving, we're going to record our Turkey episode with the whole family.  We hope you'll come back and listen.  Until then, ride safe, safe ride!!

Motorcycle Men

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