Episode 256 - HD History #7 and More Sandwiches

Hello Boys and Girls  

We continue the History of Harley Davidson this time with guest Danielle, the Motorcycle Men Geography Lesson.   

We also chatted about:   


  • Grand Tour Madagascar airing September 4th    
  • Antifa gets run out of town in Sturgis 
  • Laconia kicks off this weekend. 
  • Harley Davidson Honors the 80th anniversary of the Motor Maids 
  • Atlantic City Bike week September 10-13 
  • Roar to the Shore Permanently cancelled. 
  • Seaside Bike Fest, 9/24 to 9/27 
  • Missouri Gov Signs HG1963T Bill  
  • HR2 Invest in America act (Highway bill) passes in the House.
  • MM Geography lesson
  • HD History #7    
    • What sizes were the flathead single available in 1932?
    • Which of these was not a color for the 1932 model year?
    • In 1934 to save money while weathering the depression, Harley dropped what feature on their motorcycles?
    • Although, the same motorcycle, what did the '32 & '33 VL's have that the '34 didn't?
    • Which model came first?
    • Which of these 4 US states has the most registered motorcycles?
    • Which of these countries has the highest percentage of households owning a motorcycle?

Shout out to our friend in the South Sandwich Islands!!!
And of course Dumas, Texas!!

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