Episode 82 - Interview with REVER 2016 Mileage Challenge Winner Paco Perosuave 

Hello boys and girls and welcome to an other fine interview episode of the Motorcycle Men Podcast.

First and foremost, thank you to all of our subscribers, you know who you are and also to our contributors for helping to make the podcast much more than it is and also the aid that you all provide to make the improvements that are coming.  You all rock.

If you like challenges and contests then you will enjoy this interview. Paco, like many, participated in the 2016 REVER Mileage Challenge and Kicked it in the pants!!  Yes he won it all.  In this interview he tells us all about it and how he did it and what he did it on.  You'll never believe it.  So if you have the chance, check out REVER and also, join the Motorcycle Men Group on REVER and ride with us this summer!!

Hit these links.....That's it for now boys and girls.  Don't forget to check out our sponsors: Ride safe and get out of that comfort zone!!

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