Episode 88 - Expensive Bikes, Weather and RURRRAL 

Hello boys and girls!!

This episode is brought to you thanks to James at Guitar Center in Ocean Township New Jersey. He took care of me as I purchased our new Zoom H5 for recording these episodes.  Thanks James!!!

Thanks also to our sponsors, Ciro3D.com and Love-Jugs for helping out as well.  And naturally to all of our Knucklehead listeners and supporters who have helped the podcast grow as well.  If you'd like to help us out, there are two links on our home page at www.motorcyclemen.us for you to click on and you can make a one time donation or as little as a dollar a month to help the show.

This week in the V-Twin Cafe......
  • Most expensive production bikes in the world
  • Most reliable vehicles in the world
  • Shelter Logic shed review
  • State by state annual weather
  • Winners of two Ciro3D phone mounts are Lisa Grassetti and Chase Lewis will be getting them and all of our entrants will get a motorcycle men sticker.
  • The retirement of our current Chrome Poll questions.  Send your ideas to motomenpc@gmail.com for new questions or post them to Motorcycle Men Podcast on Facebook.
That's it for now boys and girls. Ride safe and be careful out there!!

The Motorcycle Men

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