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Episode 235 - Interview with Erik from EagleRider 

Hello Boys and Girls, 

Sometimes when you travel you just can’t take your motorcycle either because you’re traveling with family or you’re on a business trip and there’s no down time to enjoy two wheels. Or maybe you decide to take a trip to a destination far enough away that you just don’t have the time to ride to the destination, so you fly there, rent a car and see it all from the comfort and confines of a little container to view the world as you drive on by. But there is another option and my guest is here today to tell us all about it. Erik Seversen of Eagle Rider joins me in the V-Twin Cafe for a chat about the services they offer.


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Episode 176 - Repair, Helmets and Gift Certificate 

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Episode 130 - Swiss Cheeks, Dodging Cox and Vominator 

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Episode 128 - New Riders, Inside Scoop and Brown Shoes 

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