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Episode 250 - Cheep Woes, Sultan Story, LiveWire Review, Harley History #4 

Hello Boys and Girls  

Here we are at our 250th Episode and I'm sure many of you are asking yourself how is this possible. We don't know either but here we are.  In this episode, we continue the History of Harley Davidson, the Motorcycle Men Geography Lesson and I will give a detailed review of the Harley Davidson Livewire.

  • Chinese Harley 350?
  • Kawasaki Electric Bike
  • LiveWire Review
  • Other Electric Bikes
  • Geography
    • Top Cities: Domestically: San Francisco, California 
      International: Sydney New South Wales Australia 

    • Our Hoes in Cohoes New York sticking with us.-1 

    • The big return is: Our friends from Zimbabwe  2 

    • International Incident award: Armenia 1 

    • Sticking it where the sun don’t shine that much: 1-listener in the South Sandwich Islands 

    • Sultans Swing: Brunei -1 

    • Where the hell is that Award: 1 -  Glinka, Smolenskaya Oblast' 

    • Favorite Place Award: Bermuda -1 

    • Lazy Bastards Town Name Award: 14 -Lorida, Florida 

    • Where the hell am I award: Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar 3 

    • Three times fast Award: 8 - Sandesneben, Schleswig-Holstein 

    • The We can’t say our city name award: Lidköping, Västra Götaland 8 

    • HOA Award: The Villages, Florida 14 

    • I might be married to my sister award: 1 - Scaggsville, Maryland

  • This week's History of HD Questions:

    • In 1937 the 45 was changed to what series?

    • In 1935 the largest engine Harley made was?

    • The 3-Wheeled Servicar was made in what years?

    • What was the WLR for?

    • In 1942 Harley Produced a new Civilian Prototype from a military model, what was it?

    • Bonus Question: What is the largest engine ever put in a motorcycle?

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Episode 237 - Interview with Bryan of the Historic Route 20 Association 

Hello Boys and Girls

You have heard me here on the podcast talk about highway and various roadways that we can all ride our motorcycles on. While roads like California’s Pacific Coast Highway and Route 66 are iconic and many tour companies offer tours on these roads, what they lack is more. More of it to keep you engaged. More to see and more to do. Though those roads and others like them are great and perhaps historic, they lack that coast to coast adventure you might be looking for. From time to time you’ve also heard me mention the longest highway in America. Route 20, stretching from Boston, Massachusetts to Newport Oregon. My guest today is Bryan Farr of the Historic Route 20 Association and he's here to tell us all about this little known, but historic route across America.



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Episode 236 - 5th Anniversary Show 

Hello Boys and Girls!!

Today, March 3rd, 2020 marks the 5th anniversary of the Motorcycle Men podcast. Five years. We've grown, learned, improved and in some areas, might have even gotten worse. But, we still maintain as we always have and still aim for one goal; to entertain you, our audience. Thank you for your support these past five years and your continued support in the years to come..... hopefully.

This week:   

  • Harley Davidson releases Softail standard
  • Harley's Matt Levetich steps down
  • Hero Motorcycles getting in on the action  
  • Harley Davidson Sport Bike?
  • Motorcycle Men drop to #15, vote here
  • 5th Anniversary
    • 1st Episode was 2:50 with  just me explaining my wish/hope/plan for the show
    • 1st full Episode was Tim and I and was split into two parts 1A & 1B
    • First two years was broken down into Season 1 and 2
    • In Year 3, Justin joined as a regular on Episode 128
    • Justin was our Second guest on Episode 8, June 13th, 2015
    • Features that have come and gone:
      • 10 questions of DILLIGAF
      • Bike Spec Shootout
      • 50 Roads 50 States
      • 3 Bike Reviews
      • Book and movie reviews but bringing it back next studio episode.
    • 25 Interviews, 20 on-air guests 
      • Repeat Offenders 
        • Huffy The Clown 6 
        • Dave Ackerman 4 
        • Alonzo Bodden 3 
        • Larry Marshall 5 
        • Steve Blaufeder of TT Cycles 3 
  • To Date, we have recorded 18,670 hours of podcast 
    • 777.92 Days / 2.12 Years 
    • Average length 79.44 / 1 hr-32 min. minutes long 
    • Longest: Episode 59 with Phil Waters on November 9th, 2016 at 131 mins. 
    • Shortest: Episode 87 Interview with Aero Rudd of Ciro3D 30 mins

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Episode 164 - Wet and Saucy Tourette Trikes and Other Three Wheeled Things 

Hello Boys and Girls, 

This week, we are short one Moto-Men but we are fear not, us three original brothers were at the ready to bring you a wonderful plethora of useless information.

This week......

  • Motus closes its doors 
  • 2019 Indian lineup and here 
  • Win this Ural 
  • New Can-am Ryker 
  • Harley opens R&D Facility in Silicon Valley 
  • Harley Cuts ties with Alta 
  • BMW self driving motorcycle
  • Get Tim a bike
  • Other Three-Wheeled Options
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For Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker" and Justin "Shoes", this is your host Ted "Wrongway", thanks for listening and remember kids....          

.....We say stupid crap so you don't have to.